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 Forum der Pfauenfarm / Forum of the Peafowl-Farm
Frankyboy5 ( Gast )

11.10.2008 00:20
6 Species? antworten

Could there be six species of Green Peafowl

Reinhold Bauer Offline

Beiträge: 119

11.10.2008 00:27
#2 RE: 6 Species? antworten

I have spocen with a lot of people but scientifically there are only three sub-species of the green peafowl are differed as follow:

- Pavo muticus muticus, Javanese green peafowl
- Pavo muticus imperator, Indo-Chinese green peafowl
- Pavo muticus spicifer, Burmese green peafowl

Depending on where the peafowl are living, it could happen that there are small differences but official there are only three sub-species.


Frankyboy5 ( Gast )

11.10.2008 00:28
#3 RE: 6 Species? antworten

No, there is some recent research that suggests that Green Peafowl is six species. There may be more or less. If you look on the english Wikipedia and search for "User:Frankyboy5/Green Peafowl Species", you can get more detail about this. That is not an actual article but research done by me.

If you want, you can contact Wolfgang Mennig ( and he will at least confirm that there are more subspecies than thought, and he may tell you that his old breeding cock is a Malaysian (which he says is different from the Javan form). Here is a German publication from him about it:

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